LA native and up-and-comer White John has many aliases, and he makes sure we’re aware of all of them at the beginning of his second single, “Crazy,” off his debut EP, Cases Pending. Over a simple piano beat, the artist establishes himself as “White John the One and Only,” “Mr. F*ckLAPD,” and “Rookie Of The Year,” among other titles. The only alter ego he forgets to list at the top of the track is “The White Gurb,” but he makes sure to list it on the chorus. Whatever you want to call him, he’s working hard to ensure that he stands out. The rising star dropped Cases Pending on Friday, and the first single, “Road Runnin,'” off the nine-track EP has been building a strong street buzz. As a result, the rapper has slowly been gaining some steady online momentum with his antics and alignment with the Crips.

The visuals for “Crazy” are nothing too, well, crazy, mostly consisting of shots of John rapping directly at the camera and various video vixens twerking. He teased the visuals a few weeks back on Valentine’s Day by posting a clip of himself and some of the ladies in question filming a scene for the official video on Instagram. Let us know what you think of White John and “Crazy.”

Quotable Lyrics

Have you ever sat in that cell
And your b*tch don’t answer that phone
It drive you crazy
You barely make bail
And they riding your d*ck once you home
That sh*t is crazy


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