Bow Wow Offers $10K To Whoever Can Help Find Motorcycle Thieves


Bow Wow wants his stolen motorcycle back ASAP, and he’s offering a cash reward to get it.

It’s infuriating when you find out that something you hold near and dear has been stolen, and that’s exactly what Bow Wow faced on Tuesday (June 30). The rapper shared his frustrations over on his Instagram Story after he walked out of his home and made his way to where he parked his motorcycle, only to find out that it was no longer there. Bow Wow stated that when he checked his home’s surveillance footage, he saw two tattooed White men taking off with his beloved bike.

Bow Wow, Motorcycle
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

“I know y’all didn’t know that was my sh*t, now y’all do,” Bow Wow said in his video. “It’s a problem. Listen, we can do this two ways, alright.” He said they can return the bike, no questions asked, but if he needs to track them down, he’s going to make it worth the public’s while. It seems that Bow Wow is offering $10K to anyone with information about who the two men are and where the rapper can recover his ride.

Bow also shared photos of the culprits in hopes that the internet will take care of the investigation. Some people told him to just call the police, but it looks like Bow Wow is letting the streets handle business for him. Swipe through to check it all out below.

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