There hasn’t been this much emphasis on Pluto since the decision to strip its planet status in 2006. Today marks the arrival of not one, but two tracks from Lil Uzi Vert and Future, finding common ground with their shared Pluto moniker. For reasons unknown, the pair opted to deliver the tracks on SoundCloud, though perhaps it’s unwise to ask questions and simply roll with the punches. After all, this is Lil Uzi Vert we’re talking about — a man who found himself struggling to release his music for years. 

In any case, “Over My Head” has landed, a bouncy duet that finds both Uzi and Future alternating between melodic and more bar-focused delivery — relatively speaking to their own styles, of course. In fact, both rappers use the opportunity to flex a few nice flow-schemes, with Uzi in particular setting the tone with a dexterous opening verse. Never one to be outdone by a self-declared Baby, however, Future holds it down for the adults in the room with an assertive presence. “I’m riding with a Pochahontas melting like Ice cream,” he declares. “I’m like a ticking time bomb, you blowing up reality.”

Check out the banger below, and keep your eye out for a high-quality drop if and when these tracks hit DSPs. Do you think Future and Uzi are gearing up for a full album, as was originally rumored?


Can’t say she belong to the streets, she fuck with me cause I’m that guy
If you can’t comprehend it, ho we can’t see eye to eye

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