Coi Leray has continuously dropped new music over the last year and is proving that she can certainly hold her own in the industry. The artist is mostly known for melodic tracks that have left fans excited for more. Most recently, she came through with a brand new single called “Do Better” where she comes through with quite a few bars about self-improvement.

This is certainly a theme that has been lacking in all genres of music, but Leray somehow makes it work as she reflects on how she got to her current position and how she can continue to improve on herself. Leray even talks about her entourage and how she hopes they can all learn to improve upon themselves as they make their way through this journey called life.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ain’t none of us went to college
But we got racks in our pockets
Yeah, goofy-ass n****s can’t stop us
Yeah, bitch, we hot like lava
Big bae always right beside me
In case a bitch come try it
Don’t care if you don’t like me

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