Ever since the release of 2018’s¬†Man On Fire, Thutmose has made major strides on international grounds. Placements on major film soundtracks to huge collaborations, Thutmose is on his way to make his mark on the music industry.

It’s hard to predict what direction Thutmose will go into next with each of his releases and this week’s “On The Run” is no different. Bringing tinges of dream-pop to the table, Thutmose¬†blends melodies and bars effortlessly for one of his most impressive singles to date.

“This song is dedicated to all the women who have been fighting on the frontlines and leading these historic movements while still not being championed as I feel they should be. From Oluwatoyin Salau to the women who founded Black Lives Matter. This is for them,” he said in a statement about the song.

Peep his new offering below.

Quotable Lyrics
What you know about my wild lifestyle, what you know?
They be going go crazy, go crazy night long
Gunshots runnin’ low
Nine cars in a row
Po pullin’ on the door

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