D Block Europe just dropped their voluminous album The Blue Print – Us vs. Them and if you have yet to get through its beefy 30 song tracklist, we don’t blame you. 

If you do have an hour and a half or so to kill, however, you’ll definitely find some gems in there.

Young Adz & Dirtbike LB released the visuals to their latest single from the album, “Only Fans” and it’s a good example of what separates DBE from the pack in the UK.

It’s no surprise DBE sounded right at home alongside Lil Baby on a Migos-type beat. The duo don’t shy away from their American influences, looking at their sources of inspiration through a distinctly British lens and hybridize the distinctive styles to make something truly interesting.

Check out the visuals for “Only Fans” below and share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

Quotable Lyrics

One of my bitches made fifty on OnlyFans, get it how you live
I beat the odds, I’m a criminal, now I’m successful and rich
I just nearly caught a case the other day but they had no witness
It’s been like 13 or 14 days and I been on the lit
Started popping pills and it gave me a permanent itch
I got bitches I don’t fuck but I still buy them gifts
That girl is so cringe, when she’s with me she takes pics

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