Kojo Funds has been a leading voice in the UK scene. He brings together the ruggedness of rap and grime with elements of dancehall and afrobeats for his own unique sound. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much solo music from him this year. “Vanessa” dropped in June, though it’s not usual that Kojo’s voice isn’t commanding the summer, at least in the past few years.

Kojo came through with a brand new banger this week titled, “Duppy.” Bringing sweet melodies into the fold, Kojo hops over eerie trap-infused productions with menacing lyrics of death and warfare in the streets of London. 

Though it’s been two years since the release of Kojo Funds’ last album, Golden Boy, we’re excited to hear how his sophomore effort comes out.

Quotable Lyrics
I don’t keep it down my pants
Hitter on my left and he’s ready to blam a man
Them n***as don’t stand a chance
Last n***a said fuck, oh, they had to call the ambulance

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