Drill took over the world in the early 2010s before finding its way back into the mainstream in the past few years. And although it’s taken on a new life in places like London and Brooklyn, Chicago is and will be the home of drill forever. The DCG Brothers are among those carrying the torch into a new generation with their own pop-friendly twist. Each record, they continue to carve out their own lane in rap.

This week, they slid through with a brand new offering alongside one of the brightest new talents to come out of Chicago, Calboy. Together, DCG Shun, DCG BSavv, and Calboy connect for a trunk-rattling banger, titled, “Rivals” where each rapper reflects on winning in spite of their enemies. 

Check out the latest offering from DCG Shun and DCG Bsavv below.

Quotable Lyrics
I keep my pipe for survival
We had to fight for survival
I had to fight for my title
No, I won’t mention that one opposition
But I had to kill all my rivals

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