Friday (February 6) made for an intense night of releases as artists near and far shared new music, including Noname who surprised fans with her poetic offering titled “RAINFOREST.” The Kount-produced track is Noname’s first single of the year, and like much of her catalog, the Chicago native touches on socio-political issues that plague marginalized communities.

“RAINFOREST” follows Noname’s lone release for 2020, “Song33,” that seemed to be an indirect response to J. Cole’s “Snow on tha Bluff.” The pair traded a few bars about activism before they both gracefully bowed out of the lyrical discussion. This year, Noname’s fans can expect to receive her forthcoming project Factory Baby, so we will keep you updated about that as more information is shared. 

Stream “RAINFOREST” and let us know what you think.


I said baby, come on
You know this flesh is only temporary, brittle as bone
Why don’t you empty out your love for me, then chisel the stone?
These are ten Black commandments, a property loan
‘Cause every bladed grass of earth, we don’t actually own

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